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Meet Our Team


Jasper Jones

Executive Director


Adrianne Haley

Administrative Assistant

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Jim Leather Jacket Vest.jpg

Jim Riordan

Mentor Supervisor

James Riordan began working with troubled youth in the summer 2000 and founded Jeremiah’s – A place to be yourself to give teens a place to hang out away from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Riordan then turned to one-on-one mentoring which evolved into a jail ministry and the co-founding of KCRO in 2005. For the past several years he has worked under KCRO Director Jasper Jones as the Mentor Supervisor for the program. He has been given the Service to Youth Award by the YMCA and was named the Outstanding Volunteer of Kankakee County by United Way.


Lee Grant

Case Manager


Morgan Blair

Case Manager


John Redmond

Re-Entry Specialist

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


Steve Allen



Myron Riley



Travis Collins

Case Manager

KCRO Board Members:

Aimee Orr

Hon. P. Carl Brown

Cheryl Mosely

Dr. Dana Washington

Public Defender Ed Pentuic

Hon. Jackie Hass

Jeannette Tetreault

State's Attorney Jim Rowe

John Redmond

Karren Farmer, Esq.

Judge Kathy Bradshaw-Elliott

(Ret) Judge Ken Wenzelman

Rev. Larry Garcia

Lori Wolf

Marshall Hill

Reyna Hammerlund

Russell Bailey

Dr. Shelly Stroud

Hon. Steve Liehr

Hon. Steven Hunter

Chief Tom Latham

Hon. Victor Nevarez

Rev. Vincent Clark

Willie Hunt

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